A sustainable economy needs a sustainable planet.

At Acetech Group, we work to advance sustainability leadership among investors, companies and capital market influencers to drive solutions and take stronger action on the world’s biggest sustainability challenges, including climate change, water scarcity and pollution, and human rights abuses.


Acetech Group works actively across its global organisation to create safe workplaces and to minimize its environmental impacts. Against mounting inequality and ecological risk, all Indians must be empowered to take part in the planning and development of their communities. Acetech Group aims at covering a wide range of important issues, from fair trade and social justice to employee well being and ethical business practices. A major focus of many CSR programs is the environment. Here in Acetech finding success incorporating “green” principles into our corporate cultures.

Issue We Solve

Water Management

The world’s water problems stem from our failure to meet basic human needs, ineffective or inappropriate institutions and management, and our inability to balance human needs with the needs of the natural world.

Energy Efficiency

Since 1993 till 2018, Acetech Groups aimed at reducing energy consumption and moving forward with strategic plans every year. Around the energy efficiency concept is the constant consideration of opportunities for improve building’s energy performance: replacement of equipment to achieve greater efficiency, explore new technologies, actions to improve insulation, selection of the right light bulbs, best minibars, washing systems, heating and air/conditioning equipment, manufacturing machineries… All of together with an exhaustive consumptions control.

Eco-Friendly Earth Matters

Acetech Group considers that its activity could directly or indirectly have a positive effect on the environment in the communities where it operates. Therefore, as part of its commitment, eco-friendly meetings have been organised.